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Paprika grows throughout the world in temperate climates and is produced by grinding dried long-fruited peppers of the sweeter varieties of the plant Capsicum annuum.

Although Paprika is cultivated in Argentina, Bulgaria, Chile, Mexico, Pakistan, Turkey and the United States, it's more popular origins are Hungary and Spain. Hungarian paprika has a bright red color, a pleasantly hot yet appealing taste, whereas Spanish paprika is less red and milder in flavor. Spanish paprika is commonly called pimiento.

Ingredients: Paprika

Usage/Recipe Tips: There are unlimited ways to add this sweet noteful spice to stews, soups, chilies, meats, poultry, and use as a garnish for eggs, casseroles, & vegetables.

Nutritional Information: An excellent source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, and has essential nutrients such as  Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Iron, Potassium and Calcium.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review